Cisco FRA

Building Capacity & ROI

What is FRA?

Cisco Flexible Radio Assignment, FRA, is a solution that can dynamically change the role of one of the radios in a Cisco 2800 or 3800 Series AP.

Any testing to be done was to be as transparent as possible.

The No Strings Attached Show was recently invited into the Cisco real-world labs in Richfield, Ohio to get a behind the scenes look at the FRA solution and the capacity of 5GHz. Because this isn't something easily replicated at home we utilized camera photos of screens instead of screenshots to help ensure legitimacy of the data.

Our Test

In order to accurately test the FRA solution Cisco deployed 25 Access Points, one for each 5GHz channel. Throughout the testing we tried to have as much physical separation between channels as possible to limit ACI.

Clean Spectrum

The testing facility provides for clean spectrum testing. Due to its size and neighbor relations we were able to create a clean 5GHz test bed maximizing the accuracy of the data collected.


We knew going into this that we had to be creative to come up with a way to measure success. We felt that simply measuring throughput wasn't enough, that's why we decided to relate non-FRA with FRA data and set a target efficiency goal to obtain. As we ran our tests we were impressed with the efficiencies that FRA provided.

Throughput Results

FRA Efficiencies


To what level did Cisco sponsor this test?

Cisco did not compensate the NSA Show in any shape or form to perform this test. Cisco did take care of travel expenses as well as a pair of Cisco AP2800e's with DART connectors for further testing.

What version of code was used?

We loaded up 8.2.140 for our testing performed in December of 2016.