Cisco AP2700 Multi Client Test

We put it through the ringer, You find out how it performed.

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Any testing to be done was to be as transparent as possible and something that anyone could replicate.

The No Strings Attached Show was recently invited into the Cisco real-world labs in Richfield, Ohio to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into the claims made by many manufacturers and how this manifests itself in real-world testing situations.

Our Test

Varied Range & Orientation

The first highlight of the testing environment is it’s dynamic and seemingly ‘misaligned’ nature. We wanted to ensure that, like in a typical office environment, not all client devices were laid out in nice neat rows.

Apple & PC Laptops

Arguably the most important piece of the lab setup was the genuine mix of clients that were being used. Too often do vendors select 50 of client X and 50 of client Y and call it good.

Apple iPad Airs

No throughput test is complete without a few tablets in the mixture. We put 10 iPad Air's in the mix just to add some 802.11n 2SS devices into the data.

Throughput Push

We used Ixia Chariot to generate a standard base of traffic mix. There were no modifications done to the default (and difficult to do) client throughput tests aside from the duration of each test.

“What it offers is a tremendous amount of power at a very attractive price point.” - Sangita Mahishi

Download the Cisco AP2700 Multi Client Whitepaper for free!

Apple iBook (Mac & iPad) Standard PDF Config

To what level did Cisco sponsor this test?

Cisco did not compensate the NSA Show in any shape or form to perform this test. Cisco did take care of travel expenses as well as a Cisco AP2700 for further testing.

What version of code was used?

We loaded up 7.6MR2 as it is the currently shipping code.

How is this as real world as possible?

We used a mixture of clients as we would expect to see used in real world scenarios. This included not only 802.11ac clients but 802.11n clients as well.